Frequently Asked Questions….

Watch our videos, they have most of the answers to your questions!

With the drought, what are the river conditions like? Is the river too low for tubing?

Local officials have managed the weir very well this season and even though we are in drought conditions, the tubing conditions are perfect, water is high enough so you don’t hit too many rocks and the water is warm. The levels of the river will not change until September so no matter how many news stories you see about the river, we promise a great ride.

What hours are you open?

10am until 7pm everyday, last tube leaves the shack at 3.30 or swift tube at 4.

How long does the trip take?

2.5/3 hours

Are there age restrictions?

Anyone under 15 has to be accompanied by an adult. Tubers between 15-18 must have a parent sign a waiver for them.

Where do we get out?

Little beach, its clearly sign posted, you won’t miss it 🙂

Should we wear shoes?

Not a must but a pair of shoes would make the end of the trip more enjoyable.

How rough is the trip, rapids etc?

The first hour of the trip is a laid back journey through the start of the cowichan river, where you will see some fantastic old bridges and then the ride picks up a bit for the remainder of the trip as the river narrows. Its nothing crazy at all, this is more of a relaxing float rather than a adrenaline rush.

How late does the shuttle run?

Last pick up is 6.30pm. So if you are one of the last tubes out, don’t spend too much time at one of the beaches on the way down.

Do we need a wetsuit?

No, the water is warm.

Do you have life jackets?

Yes everyone is offered a life jacket with tube rental.

You offer a family rate but I have more than two kids?

For every extra kid, its only $10 so you still save an extra $5 per kid that you bring. We dont want you to have to disown one of your children just so you get a better deal!!!


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