Swift Tube Rental

Lake Cowichan, British Columbia

Quick Details

Hour Glass 2 hours

Users All ages

Bus Shuttle runs every 10 minutes; last shuttle at 6:30 p.m.


The swift tube is basically an inflatable kayak that comes with a paddle that clips to the side of it when you don’t need it. Its perfect for speeding up your trip and maneuvering through the small rapids. It’s also great for a parent/child combo as it has a bottom to it and lots of space to carry small children or anything you may want to take down the river. This is the only way to travel the river in our opinion. Luxury, comfort, and freedom all combined into one option. Upgrade your rental to the Swift Tube! Our Swift Tubes are suitable for riders of all ages, have a backrest, and are easy to manage as you float down the river. Upgrade your Tube Shack tube rental today!

Additional Info

  • Chevron down Can we take bags and coolers etc down the river?
  • Yes, you can tie things onto your tubes or take a swift tube which has a bottom to it, to hold anything you bring.

  • Chevron down Can we bring our dog?
  • Small dogs can sit on your lap and are allowed on the bus. Medium to large sized dogs aren’t recommended as they can’t sit in a tube with you and it’s a long way to swim for them. They are permitted on the bus though if you do choose to bring them.

  • Chevron down Should we wear shoes?
  • Not a must but a pair of shoes would make the end of the trip more enjoyable.

  • Chevron down How rough is the trip, rapids etc?
  • The first hour of the trip is a laid-back journey through the start of the Cowichan River, where you will see some fantastic old bridges and then the ride picks up a bit for the remainder of the trip as the river narrows. Its nothing crazy at all, this is more of a relaxing float rather than an adrenaline rush. The home page of this website features drone footage of our entire run also.