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Swift Tube Rental

Lake Cowichan, British Columbia

Quick Details

Hour Glass 2 hours

Users All ages

Bus Shuttle runs every 10 minutes; last shuttle at 6:30 p.m.

Please leave your Tube Shack tubes inflated and bring up to the road when you arrive at Little Beach

Swift Tube Rental


The swift tube is basically an inflatable kayak that comes with a paddle that clips to the side of it when you don’t need it. It’s perfect for speeding up your trip and maneuvering through the small rapids. It’s also great for a parent/child combo as it has a bottom to it and lots of space to carry small children or anything you may want to take down the river. This is the only way to travel the river in our opinion. Luxury, comfort, and freedom all combined into one option. Upgrade your rental to the Swift Tube! Our Swift Tubes are suitable for riders of all ages, have a backrest, and are easy to manage as you float down the river. Upgrade your Tube Shack tube rental today!

Additional Info