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Tube Rental

Lake Cowichan, British Columbia

Quick Details

Hour Glass 2.5 hours

Users All ages

Bus Shuttle runs every 10 minutes; last shuttle at 6:30 p.m.

Please leave your Tube Shack tubes inflated and bring up to the road when you arrive at Little Beach

Tube Rental


Reserve your Cowichan River tube rental with the Tube Shack and get ready for a few hours of fun floating down this beautiful river with your friends and family. Relax during the lazy start, stop and explore the beaches, and gear up for some laughs on the rapids at the end. This tube ride is a must-do on Vancouver Island!

At the end of your two and a half to three-hour float, cool off with a refreshing swim before meeting our friendly guides who are waiting to pick you up and shuttle you back to your car. Our economical Vancouver Island river tube rentals are the perfect addition to a fun day on the island.

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